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Navigating The Road: A Guide to Learner Drivers Rules in Brisbane City

Posted On Aug 14 2023
Learner Drivers Rules

Driving is an exciting and empowering experience. Every young person waits for this. But every major step has a process. As learners, drivers in Brisbane City must learn the rules. These rules govern the roads and ensure their safety. As a bustling urban centre, Brisbane has its own unique set of guidelines. And every learner driver must adhere to this. It is to ensure safety and promote responsible driving practices. In this guide, Qld Auto Wreckers explore the key rules and provide essential information for learner drivers in Brisbane City.

Obtaining a Learner License

You must get a learner license before hitting the road as a learner driver in Brisbane. To be eligible, you must be at least 16 years of age and pass the written test conducted by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. The test assesses your knowledge of road rules, signs, and safe driving practices. Upon passing the test, you will be issued a learner license, allowing you to begin your journey as a learner driver.

Supervising Driver Requirements

Choose a responsible and experienced supervising driver. They can guide and assist you during your practice sessions is important. When driving as a learner in Brisbane City, you must always have a supervising driver beside you. The supervising driver must hold a valid open driver’s license. And it should be for the class of vehicle you are driving, and they must have held the license for at least one year. The supervising driver must have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of less than 0.05%. And also be fit to supervise his driving.

Displaying L Plates

As a learner driver, displaying L plates on the front and back of your vehicle is mandatory. L plates show other road users that you are a learner and may need extra caution and patience. The L plates should be visible and meet the specific size and design requirements. These are set by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. Displaying L plates helps promote road safety. It also ensures that other drivers know your learner status.

Speed Limits and Restrictions

Learner drivers in Brisbane City must adhere to specific speed limits and restrictions. Unless otherwise posted, the largest speed limit for learners is 80 kilometres per hour. The learner drivers cannot exceed 90 kilometres per hour, not even if the posted speed limit is higher. Yet, lower speed limits may apply in some areas, such as school zones or specific road conditions. It’s important to pay attention to signage indicating speed limits. And you should always adjust your driving according to that.

Passenger Restrictions

During the first 12 months of holding a learner license, there are restrictions on the number of passengers you can carry. Learner drivers can only carry one passenger aged between 16 and 21. And who is not an immediate family member. This restriction aims to cut distractions. This way, learner drivers focus on developing their skills. And this will help them to gain experience on the road.

Mobile Phone Usage

Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited for learner drivers in Brisbane City. This includes both hands-free and handheld devices. Keeping your attention on the road and avoiding distractions is essential. If you need to use your phone for emergencies, you must pull over to the side of the road in a designated stopping area.

Night Driving Restrictions

For the first 12 months of holding a learner license, there are restrictions on night driving for learner drivers in Brisbane. This restriction aims to focus on safety. It also reduces the risks associated with driving at night. There may be decreased visibility and a higher likelihood of fatigue or impaired driving. Learner drivers are not permitted to drive between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am.

Driving is an essential skill that everyone should know. But at the same time, it is also a responsibility. You are liable for your safety and the people on the road. So before starting to drive, make sure you follow every step.

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