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Auto Wreckers Pickup Locations

We can pick up cars in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast.
We are Qld Auto Wreckers – one of the topmost used car buying agencies in Brisbane. Do you have a car that needs to be sold or scrapped off? Well, if you are an inhabitant in Brisbane or a suburban area, you can make good money by selling your car to us. This is the right place for you! We offer car removalscash for cars, car wrecking service, and many other services. Just give us a call 0733 393 113 or send in an email to our dedicated staff and we will be more than glad to help you out.

Why Sell Your Car For Cash To Us?

We are one of the fastest, most active and the oldest car buyer dealers in Brisbane. We can arrange a same day pick up when you call us and organize an evaluation of your car. Right after the evaluation, we provide a price estimate of your car. If you like the price quote, we can go ahead with the deal.

  • We have been rated highly by most of our esteemed clients for our customer service.
  • We have licensed Car Buyers with more than fifteen years of experience in the car removal industry.
  • QLD Auto Wreckers will buy any vehicles if it is your own vehicle.

Get the best price for your scrapped or wrecked car

Scrapped or wrecked cars in the house simply occupy lots of space that you cannot make any better use of. If you are willing to vacant space and sell your damaged car, we are one of the best options that you can have in Brisbane. You will not only get some free space in the house, but we also provide good money to the owners after checking the present condition of the cars.

What keeps us ahead of other similar companies in Queensland.

We have been following some special service traits since the very first day and we are still following those values. We are always focused on how to get the job done in the best possible way so that the customers feel happy and satisfied. We have specially trained staff who assure that customers are always in the no-stress zone. This is the reason why we take the working responsibility on your behalf and you take the cash instead. Here are some of the traits that make Qld Auto Wreckers the best company in this industry:

  • We are a fully licensed and insured company
  • You can always get the service on time
  • We are experienced in cash for car service and car removal service, car wrecking service and etc.
  • All our staffs are extremely committed to making our customers fully satisfied
  • You can have the best rates for your car only from us
  • We also acquire hard-to-take models and used cars.
  • Our service is tested by hundreds of satisfied customers in Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Toowoomba & Ipswich, and Sunshine Coast.
  • We have a huge inventory of car parts of different models and makes and you can easily find what you need from here

Auto Wreckers Benefits for Wrecked Cars

Auto wreckers have many advantages for human livings and vehicles as well. When a car about to finish the validity that defined by certified manufacturers, it must be a part of the wreckers. No matter what makes or models, it is the process of every car. There are five major advantages that are useful for old and unwanted cars.

  1. Unwanted cars to sell for the end of vehicle life.
  2. Customer those have old cars can find second-hand parts.
  3. Removing unwanted vehicles must be environmentally savvy.
  4. Only car wreckers are safe to deal with old, scrap, unwanted, junk, and unregistered vehicles.
  5. The process of dismantling a vehicle is quick and easy only from an auto wrecking yard.

Find Top Quality Recycled Auto Parts

Auto wreckers are not only the place in Brisbane to sell your unwanted cars, but also better to serve quality and cheapest more than 80% from new used car parts. How does the whole process works? Since it is simple if we can explain it. When a car wreckers truck pickup a car from the customer's place, they assure them that it will not be used anymore. Furthermore, they take such cars in the Brisbane wrecking yard (a place where vehicles are getting dismantled for used parts), therefore they dismantle the whole car with a process of half-cut, steel body removal, tire, and back-end removal. In addition, Once it got dismantled, our part inventory quality officer will check each useful part and certify if they can be used in the future.


Our Services
Cash for Cars Brisbane

Cash for Cars

If you have an old car that you want to sale, this is the right place in Brisbane to get cash even for that car! We are the buyer of used cars.

Car Wreckers Brisbane

Car Wreckers

The unused and wrecked vehicles may occupy place in your house unnecessarily. Give your wrecked car to us and get handsome cash in exchange.

Car Removals Brisbane

Car Removals

Do you want to remove your unwanted car or truck or van or Utes or 4WD? We remove unused cars with simple and fast process. Just give us a call.

Cash for Trucks

Cash for Trucks

We buy all types of wrecked, scrapped, accident, mechanical fault, second-hand cars at reasonable price. If you want to sell your car, get in touch.



Customer Reviews

These guys are fantastic. Not only was their price the best (BY FAR!) of the several car removal places I called, but they arrived 15 minutes early and had my OLD Car towed in minutes.

Sebastian Rudy
Sebastian Rudy

I used these guys a few weeks ago and was totally blown away! I called and they got back to me in minutes. By the next morning, my old car was a distant memory with instant cash paid.

Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson

Very quick service! I can't believe how much money I got for my Old car, which didn't even run anymore! It was fast and easy the way it should be.

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar
We Accept All Makes and Models
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