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Wreckers in Wakerley

Grab the great offer of earning cash for selling wrecked car

Various new models of cars are getting launched in the market every year. Prior to getting a new one you need to get rid of the existing one. However, getting rid of a wrecked seems to be a daunting task for the owners in the suburb of Warkley. If you have an old and wrecked car, it’s time to get it out of the garage and sell it to our company.

Set the deal with a trusted company in Warkley

A damaged car also possesses some value which the car owner might not understand. It requires the vision and knowledge of a professional technician. They can analyse the still working parts of the wrecked car and could offer you a good price for selling it. The expert technicians of Qld Auto Wreckers must be hired for settling down the deal fairly. We are one of the trusted companies in the suburb.

Get assisted from the leading car wreckers of the suburb

Our professionals offer specialized and outstanding services to our clients and provide a genuine piece of advice. We are the leading car wreckers in Wakerley. Over the years that we are in the industry, we have offered only the best deal for wrecked cars. You could rely on our services.

What are the procedures involved in it?

The task of car wrecking is a complicated job that involves loads of activities. Here’s the detail of the services involved:

The professionals would get the wrecked car analysed cautiously by visiting your place. They will proceed with the process of wrecking once they get the parts dismantled properly. This helps in differentiating between the functional and damaged components. The reusable parts are delivered to companies in Brisbane, Queensland for fitting into the operational vehicles. The fate of the metal scrap takes them to the metal recycling companies for making new appliances.

Some important points to consider before selling

Keep in mind the points mentioned below before contacting us:

You need to leave behind all the emotional attachments with the wrecked car (if any). Have a fixed mindset for selling the item to us. The best way would be to contact us when the car gets completely damaged. It would get much easier for you to let it be sold or else your change of mind could affect the deal. Once you set the mind our professionals can be approached. They will examine the current condition and would fix an estimated value for it.

Get rid of the junk from the garage

You may have possibly heard other companies in Warkley charging a service rate for taking away the wrecked cars. Qld Auto Wreckers normally offers a free service to their clients. Just, in case, of certain circumstances, we may charge a nominal rate for the towing service. Hence, don’t hire an unreliable service company who would take away the wrecked car asking for a service fee. We make sure the payment is made to you at the time of removing the car.

Enjoy a win-win situation with us

We can assure you that hiring our services would be a win-win situation for our clients. Rather than allowing the damaged car to get decomposed in the garage use it in a better way. Earn good cash from it by selling it to us as we guarantee a fair deal and genuine rating. Just make sure that you become active now or else with every passing day you can lose money with the decomposing condition of the car.

Get in touch with us now

We are always ready and happy to treat our clients with patience and knowledge. You can get all the queries cleared with us by selecting either of the modes of communication. We are available through e-mail or the contact number displayed on our website. Our professionals would be there to provide a valid solution to all your doubts.

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