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Do The Parts Of A Car Really Expire, Or Is It A Myth?

Posted On Dec 18 2018
Do The Parts Of A Car Really Expire, Or Is It A Myth?

It is no doubt that no one likes to buy expired products, and therefore without checking the expiration date, a product should never be purchased. Thus, most car owners have the habit of checking the expiration date of a car part before buying. But, it should keep in mind that not everyone does the same thing, and not everyone does believe that there is an expiration date for car parts as well. The fact is, some parts of a car do have an expiration date, and those will stop working after that date. So, one should always have the habit of checking the expiration date of a car part before purchasing. QLD Auto Wreckers present:

List of Products That One Should Always Check the Expiration Date

Seats For Child

● Seats For Child

These seats for children are not meant to last a lifetime. Over time the kid’s chairs are bound to get some wear and tear, get cracked and shattered. The elastic belts also get loose as well. Child Seats like these should only last about six years, and one can find the exact date on the base of the chair.
Refrigerant for Air Conditioners

● Refrigerant for Air Conditioners

Air conditioners should always checking at regular intervals, without waiting for the system to give any signs of not working. But if one doesn’t have the time, he or she should always act, as soon as the first symptom seeing, like it is not cooling correctly. Cleaning the AC vents or recharging the gas should negate this issue.
Air Filter For The Cabin

● Air Filter For The Cabin

The air filter longevity will depend on the locality where the car is driven and its air quality as well. Mostly it lasts anywhere between 25,000-30,000 km. Thus, when the defrost is turned on, and there is not a smooth flow of air, that is when one needs a change. The same can also be said when the air flow is weak or low, and the level of noise is even higher.
Air Bags

● Air Bags

It should keep in mind that airbags and seat tighteners should cleaning in every decade. But if there are any apparent wear and tear, it should be changed immediately.
Air Filters

● Air Filters

Every 20,000 km or maximum one year is the time when the air filter should be changed. The expiry dates are mentioned in the manual or one can ask from the dealer, as the fuel-air mix will be very much affected due to clogged air filters.
The Tyres

● The Tyres

This is the essential car part, and it should be changed every six years or so. The change will depend on the usage and driving terrain. The thread depth of tire should be 3mm and DOT number. If the DOT number is 4518 that means it was manufactured in the 45th week of the year 2018.
Oil Of The Engine

● Oil Of The Engine

Engine oil should be changed every 10,000 km or every 12-18 months, the one which comes first in time. One should not drive a car with old engine oil. As the viscosity s reduced and the value of lubricant is lowered, the wear and tear chances will be higher, and the engine will be very much damaged in the process.

● Brakes

A tyre puncture sealant can last anywhere between 3 to 8 years. Every 10,000 km, the sealant should be checked. After maybe three years, one should get it changed. He or she should also see that there is no change in liquid colour or thickness.
Fire Extinguisher

● Fire Extinguisher

The Fire extinguisher should always be kept in the car as an emergency. The extinguisher should be changed every 2 to 3 years and should be checked on a regular basis.

Hopefully, with the above list, one should be able to check and keep an eye out for the expiration dates.

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