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Is it the rear-wheel-drive fun or is it front-wheel drive sensible?

Posted On Oct 08 2019
Is it the rear-wheel-drive fun or is it front-wheel drive sensible?

There are several things you can put up in an argument when it comes to cars. Best and the most common comparisons are done between Holden vs Ford, turbocharged engines vs naturally aspirated ones, Volkswagen vs The Truth. Despite these comparisons, there are a few inarguable facts that none can deny. Among all the statements, rear-wheel-drive cars are more fun than front-wheel-drive ones will top every single time.

Front drivers are considered to be cheaper, safer and manageable on the slippery surfaces. It also comes along with driving joy, no comparisons are the only word to be used herein. The idea was just a sales strategy but seems useful for all. But before BMW took over as ultimate driving machine it was just sheer driving pleasure company. The cars were rear-wheel driven which made car lavish and never allowed them to put a proper-head badge on cars front-wheel-drive. A far superior manner bends which draw out power was what was allowed by this ancient system.

A better than best for an amazing experience

No transmission tunnel frees up space and saves money with the simple and elegant solution which doesn’t need an engineer to work out is provided by the company. They also claim that 85% of Australian’s are unaware of which wheels put the power down in cars driven. Just, for instance, packaging wise comparison shows that front-wheel-drive cars are superior and for most manufacturers, it’s best safety-wise as they allow a build-up of understeer.

When seeing the Rear-wheel drive, well it is unadulterated and better and maintains a better balance with the cars.

None can argue understeer to be more fun because partly it’s the oversteer which steals the show and makes rear-wheel driven cars a real fun. It has a satisfying effect over the driver which is heart fibrillating and a catching one which oversteers the moment.

One can easily get the power down from bends in a better manner an have better feel and feedback when it comes to ancient means of being used in cars like Porsche 911 or Ferrari or even Jaguar F type.

The FWD didn’t give much satisfaction as it asked the front tyres too much for not just steering the car but also putting power to the ground. The cars with best of Faux SUVs (modernized) models have seen to becoming equipped with the FWD options with an increased sales-volume case. They are cheap, give better fuel efficiency that the 4WD systems would have used.

But was this forever? Because on today’s date RWD is experiencing renaissance because of the fun and cheap cars like that of Toyota 86 or the Subaru BRZ twins which have been proving along that the real-driven layout can be slip-tacular. When it comes to knowing why sports car is rear-driven, the cheap and attractive Mazda MX-5 is doing a great job.

Even when front-wheel-drive cars like Ford’s fantastic Fiesta ST are performing well, there is still enthusiast who argue that drive will be better with real wheels. Either way, there will always be an argument and it will be the manufacturer choice what they bring in for the users.

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