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What is the difference between scrapers and wreckers?

Posted On Feb 11 2019
What is the difference between scrapers and wreckers?

There is a particular function in which people purchase cars. Cars help individuals to travel from one place to another. It is both comfortable and convenient. This is why people do not hesitate to spend a considerable amount of money to buy a car. However, like every commodity, a vehicle also has a service life. The service life of a car is the time duration for which the car can function adequately and provide its services. Once this service life is over, the car begins to show difficulty in functioning. The vehicle may be in bad shape due to damages from accidents, natural calamities, it may also have missing or faulty parts, etc. In such a situation car owners prefer to get rid of their car.

There are various ways to get rid of old cars. The owners can choose either to sell the car to a car scraper or a car wrecker. Several firms extend their services as car wreckers and car scrapers.

How to get rid of your car?

It is relatively simple to avail of wrecking and scraping services in the present times. All the owner needs to do is to get in contact with the chosen firm. The representatives of the firm will then make sure to assist the individual throughout the sale process. Firstly, the contact number of companies is widely available on their official websites. The car sellers can use the phone number to contact them. The representative from the firms will then ask the individual details about the car. They also set up a meeting with the seller. A professional goes to assess the vehicle at the location of the seller’s choice on a date set by the owner. On the basis of the assessment, a reasonable price is offered to the car seller.

What is the difference between a Car Scraper and a Car Wrecker?

Qld Auto Wreckers in Brisbane provides the difference between Car scrapers and car wreckers, both help individuals to get rid of their old, junk and scrap cars. Car scrapers are firms that deal with the car as complete waste material. They do not try to salvage anything out of the car. Basically, car scrapers provide substance for the recycling of old cars. The metal and other parts are then used to build new cars.

Car wreckers, on the other hand, are firms that deal with old cars in a different manner. They purchase old, junk and scrap cars in exchange for good prices from the owners. These firms assess the car thoroughly and salvage various parts from the car. The viable parts from the vehicle can come into use as replacements for other cars with faulty parts. They do not treat the car as scrap. As a result, individuals have a better scope of earning returns by selling their car to the wreckers.

Additional facilities:

The firms that offer car wrecking facilities also provide other additional services for the convenience of the sellers. They provide free car assessment and car-pickup services. These facilities help to get rid of the car without any additional expenses. This also allows the sellers to have a better margin for profit. Moreover, the firms have centres in various locations which will enable them to extend their services to car owners living in interior areas as well.

The services are available throughout the year and round the clock. Representatives at the firm are just a phone call away in case of any doubt or problem. The payment is made in cash at the time of the car removal to avoid any delay. So hurry and call a car wrecker near you, today.

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